Uploading Your Unofficial Transcript for the PRISM Student Application

  1. First, log into your CSUSB MyCoyote Account.

  2. Click on 'PAWS' under Student Self-Service. PAWS is a collection of all information pertaining to your major. It will provide your GPA and a list of your courses taken.
    If you are having trouble locating your PAWS report, refer to the MyCoyote eHelp Center tutorial on viewing your PAWS report here: View My PAWS Report

  3. To generate your PAWS report, click SUBMIT REQUEST. Make sure that you have 'Print PDF' selected so you may download a PDF copy of your transcript
    as shown below.

  4. If you hit submit request, you are on the 'Request PAWS' tab. Switch to the 'View PAWS' tab. It may take a minute or so for your transcript to appear!
    To check if your PAWS Report has appeared, click the 'Refresh' button every so often. Your PAWS Report should appear.

  5. Next, view your PAWS Report in PDF format by clicking 'View PDF'. If the 'View PDF' button is not present, then you have submitted a request to view
    your PAWS Report in 'Web' format. Please return to step 3 and select 'Print PDF' and click 'Submit Request'. You will also have to follow Step 4 again.

  6. You should now see your PAWS Report in PDF format in your browser. To download, click the 'Save' button, as shown below.

  7. The next step in preparing your PAWS Report/Unofficial Transcript for the PRISM program is to highlight all math and science courses you have taken, as well as your GPA.
    To start, open up the PAWS Report/Unofficial Transcript you saved in Step 6. If you cannot open the PDF, please download Adobe Reader in order to view PDFs.

  8. Scroll down in your report until you reach the final page. This page contains all classes you have taken, including your GPA. Using the highlighter tool, highlight all math and
    science courses you have taken, including your GPA. Then, save your PAWS Report/Unofficial Transcript.

  9. Congratulations! Your PAWS Report/Unofficial Transcript is now ready for submission. Please upload this file when completing your application for the PRISM
    Summer Research Program.